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JOIN US ON February 13th, 7pm at Irondale Center for a night of visual and performance art to raise $$$ for the National Network of Abortion Funds!


The evening will feature:

A gallery of artwork by Sanna Legan, Purvaja, and Margie Rischiotto

The Video Poem "This Is Not A Love Letter" by Isabel Pask, Ariel Zucker, and our friends at CNT Productions

A staged reading of the Bellwether Project's original piece, Dr. Rees Ziti's Pageant For A Better Future, written by Lauren Wimmer.

Tickets are free and can be reserved in advance at this link. 

If you would like to join us with a virtual donation to the NNAF:





About the play:

Dr. Rees Ziti's Pageant For A Better Future is a bombastic, futuristic beauty pageant set in 2079 where the contestants compete to avoid forced sterilization.


After a climate catastrophe has led to resource decay and overpopulation, the US government has created the pageant to determine the woman who will lead us into the future.


Come for the pageant glamour, stay for a conversation about eugenics, choice, and bodily autonomy. 

Dr. Rees Ziti's Pageant For A Better Future

created by The Bellwether Project and Lauren Wimmer

Written by Lauren Wimmer

Staged Reading Cast

Restin - Iris Beaumier*

Peiddle - Ariel Neema Blake

Renner - Kendall Cafaro*

Tesha - Avalon Christie

Rae-Yuna - Laura Galindo

Ceptia - Chantelle Guido*

Deffy - Aubyn Heglie*

Dr. Rees Ziti - Carson McCalley*

Stage Directions - Lauren Molina*

Seloppie - Emilia Suarez*

Manchini - Timiki Salinas*

Linguine - Marc David Wright

*Appearing Courtesy of The Theatre Authority


Featured Artists

Sanna Legan


Margie Rischiotto

Isabel Pask, Ariel Zucker, CNT Productions

Doors open at 7 pm, and Reading Begins 7:30

Irondale Center: 85 S Oxford St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Complimentary cocktails (alc and non-alc) will be served

Suggested donation $15

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