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The Opportunity

The Bellwether Project has been selected as an Artist-in-Residence for the prestigious Vineyard Arts Project! This October, our company will be headed to their residency program for a WEEK on MARTHA's VINEYARD to develop our flagship production - Dr. Rees Ziti's Pageant for a Better Future. The folks at Vineyard Arts Project generously donate housing, space, and artistic resources for their residents to truly grow and evolve their work.

We intend to bring a cast and creative team of 20 to this week-long residency and, while the resources for the residency are wonderful, they don't include food and transportation, and we would love to be able to make this opportunity accessible to all of the incredibly dedicated artists on our team, especially while so much of our industry is impacted by the strike.

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The Show

Dr. Rees Ziti's Pageant for a Better Future is the zany, comedic, horrifying story of 9 women competing in a televised pageant in 2079, where only one will win and retain their reproductive rights. In the wake of climate catastrophe, overpopulation, and intensive resource control, the US government has instituted a weekly event to determine the woman who will be allowed to procreate, while the rest are forcibly sterilized. Hosted by part-time celebrity, part-time doctor, Nevada’s favorite queer icon, Dr. Rees Ziti! This harrowing night of starry-eyed-reality-show thrills takes a poignant look at the history of eugenics, the social control of femme bodies, obsession with youth and beauty, and the fundamental right to reproductive self-determination.

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