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Original Projects

The Bellwether Project has been committed to developing new works of theatre, dance, and media through collaboration. The projects below have all been presented in their first iteration. 

Dr. Rees Ziti's Pageant For A Better Future

A zany variety-show-meets-harrowing-government-propaganda-machine.

A Brief [incomplete] History of Motherhood

A "one" night only TOTALLY unBIASED exploration of motherhood 


A new webseries exploring family, sexuality, and what it takes to have your identity politicized 


An interactive theatrical experience exploring oppressed groups engagement with club culture as an escape or a protest throughout the ages.  


A full length play about the 46th Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment, the only all-female regiment in Russian military history that explores intersectional feminism.  

the trouble concerning Nice guys

A dance piece exploring hypermasculinity in the bedroom and how it results in an unpleasurable experience for women.  


A devised piece exploring the intersection between hypermasculinity and rape culture. 

First In/Last Out

A dance piece exploring memory through the eyes of an Alzheimer patient. 

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