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Paradise is an immersive experience exploring the intersection of club culture and marginalized groups of people throughout history. the audience joins a massive party forming relationships with the actors, and together they will come to understand the nature of distraction and resistance, and the importance of taking their space.

Devised by the bellwether project and Nicholas Erickson

Directed by Jack Dentinger

Original Production Team:
Scenographer- Nikki LoPinto
Stage Manager- Sarah Battaglia
Lighting Design- Jacob Wesson
Sound Design- Nicholas Erickson
Technical Direction-  Monica Skrzypczak

Original Ensemble:

Saran Bakari, Jimmy Brewer, Orlando Davis, Patrick Davis, Megan Forster, Chantelle Guido, Jonas Grotta, Aubyn Heglie, Kate Margalite, Kennedy McMann, Brianna Middleton, Freddy Miyares, Daniel Neale, Leaf Rickard, Timiki Salinas, Leon Schwendener, Christian Strange, Emilia Suarez, Cameron Wise, Ava Yaghmaie

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